Big news!

Some of you may recall that I've been in the National Bone Marrow Donor Registry for a number of years and came up a possible match twice, but ultimately the patient didn't go forward. Last August, I made it through second round testing and was told at the time that the patient wasn't ready to proceed. Last month I got the call that I'm a match for that patient, and that they do want to proceed. I went through more testing and a thorough physical. Just got word today that I passed my physical and all systems are go. This means that they're telling the recipient now that a donor has been found and dates scheduled. I'll have five days of injections and then donate peripheral stem cells in two batches on March 31 and April 1. I'm very excited about this. And knowing the power of BC vibes, I figure I bring a little something extra to the table beyond mere marrow. If all of you could direct your prayers, vibes and good wishes toward a 49 year old woman, somewhere in the world, who's got myeloplastic disorder and is brave enough to go through the harrowing (for recipient) process of a stem cell transplant, I'm certain we can better her odds of a full recovery. I'm told that (while this would vary greatly given age and health of the patient etc.) the recipients chances of recovery are probably around 50-60%. Without a transplant, more like 0-15%. Please send all vibes to this woman. And if those of you who pray want to pass this along to your friends, prayer groups etc. that would be great, too. Let's see what happens when we put the power of BC vibes to work!

All good wishes and vibes gratefully accepted.

In just a couple of hours, I'll walk into a room and do something I wouldn't have dreamt of doing when I finished college...take the LSATs. (For my non-US friends, the LSATs are a standardized test required for admission to law school.) I've applied to a local law school (not prepared to uproot my life by moving) and there are yet more hurdles (like, oh, say, coming up with the huge tuition) but I'm seriously considering going to law school. So I'd like to do REALLY well on today's test. Please wish me luck!

Sharing a laugh from my birthday.

Thank you all (a couple of days late) for various birthday wishes and greetings. And, in the case of antof9 and bookczuk, one amazing "Ta Ta" glass, complete with tiara! It was a very nice birthday, one of the nicest I can remember. On the night of, we went out to dinner and a play with good friends of ours and my friend gave me a poem he'd written, all nicely framed. I got a huge kick out of it and (even though I'm outing myself about a small portion of my history) I thought my friends here would enjoy it, too:


It’s been almost some twenty years since Jenna strode the runway,
Thereby proving one could win the pageant game in more than one way,

Pawtucket’s entrant, long and lean, would overcome her fears
And demonstrate to all that she had more between the ears

Than those who’d gone before her (and those since), all years combined,
Who’d won by bedding judges (or just shaking their behind),

No, Jenna proved a Miss Rhode Island might just write a sonnet (and still)
Prosper on the pageant scene while freely goofing on it,

She settled once and for all time the beauty-brains conundrum
By winning judges to her ways (and not by humping undr-‘em)

She’s come quite far since then in arts performing and domestic,
From FSR, to voice-overs, to cooking quite “fantestic”,

She paints a scene each Halloween and Christmas on her door,
Inviting all her neighbors, family and friends, galore,

They all file in to Capwell Ave. and vacuum up her food
From crème brulee to rack-of-lamb (it’s really just that good!),

She maintains home and garden right up to the highest standards
While she chases off the pests (including all those squirrel rat-bastards),

She’s even penned a novel, and ‘though it’s not yet in print,
The thing’s damn good and royalties should garner half a mint,

So, on she plugs with reading, writing (now, LSAT’s)
With Claude at side she just can’t hide her verbal expertise,

If psychics are correct, a right-bright future is in store
For Jenna Wims, the birthday girl, who’s this day forty-four! ;)

Merry, Happy Whatever You Celebrate (or choose not to).

LJ informs me that I haven't posted for 18 weeks. Bad FSR. Very, very bad. Now I'm afraid Santa will leave me off his list this year. Actually, I'm probably on one of his lists. Just the wrong one. So to atone, I'm stopping by before the holiday season gets completely away from us, to say hello to all my friends, and to wish you a happy holiday. And I come bearing gifts...the photo below is this year's front door Christmas card to the neighborhood and to you. I call it "Wilbur Waits For Santa". The real Wilbur belongs to a friend of mine (and is something of a star over at If you want to see what I used for a model for this painting, the link to the photo follows below.

Meet the real Wilbur (is it any wonder I lost my heart?):

My night with The Police (with lotsa links for diehard fans).

I'm pleased to say that those hideously expensive tix were worth every penny. In fact, the minute he saw our seats, long before the concert began, MrFsr made that same observation. Of course, that may be because he realized a different lifelong dream, as this will be the closest he comes to playing center field in Fenway Park.

Me at our seats:

Mrfsr and the view Johnny Damon had while at work:

And for those of you who are already tired of cameraphone imagery, the only decent pro shot of the night:

How close were we? Well, you know when the camera operator pans the crowd for shots for the big screens? Close enough that that was us up there. ;)

The concert was AWESOME! In my opinion, the group is in much better form than they were when they broke up in '84. They played all their hits, for a solid two hours. No backup singers, no backup musicians, just the three of them. They mixed up their presentation, rather than just reciting the songs as originally recorded, they messed around with the tempos, the beats and the extended jams on most numbers were hot. Sting missed the high note "oh can't you SEE" on "Every Breath You Take" so completely that he was inaudible (well, maybe dogs heard him) but that was really the only gaffe. For all my girlfriends out there who are diehard Sting fans (and you are legion), I can report that at 55 he's still almost unbearably hot. With arms so ripped they'd be the envy of most twenty-somethings. And all the yoga has paid off because boy can the man move his hips. OK, it's getting warm in here, so back to the subject at hand...

We tried recording some video on Mrfsr's cellphone. The reproduction is, as you can imagine, awful. But for those of you who'd like a taste, here are two clips.

Hang in there til 3/4s of the way through this one and you'll see "that annoying girl who just has to sing along at a concert". That would be me. But I assure you (and the audio will prove) that I sang very softly so as not to irritate the folks around me. Oh, and I did dance for two solid hours:

And for BillSmith, who has nothing but Da Doo Doo Doo to say to me:

I've got a number of these clips, but trust me, the audio doesn't get any better, more's the pity. I was sorely tempted to call some friends from the concert and leave some music on their voicemail, so if you're one of my buddies, just be glad this level of fidelity isn't clogging up your voicemail.

The reviewers largely agreed with me, so if you just haven't read enough, here are the reviews from the Boston Globe, Boston Herald and Providence Journal.
Ladies, please note the photo of Sting in the second link. Who says I don't take care of my girls? ;)

Back in February, you were all so understanding and hardly aghast at all regarding my offer to do illegal and immoral things in order to secure these tickets. This really was a once in a lifetime night for me, and well worth the hassle and expense. Back in '83, tix to their concert here might have gone for $35, but it might as well have been $35,000. I was so broke back then that, despite being a huge fan, I don't think I could even afford the $10 to buy one of their albums until Synchronicity came out. With so much that sucks about getting older, the one thing that's pretty cool is being able to afford the kind of treats which were so out of reach back when Frankie Said Relax.

The Long and Short of It.

Gacking two more shots, this time from bookczuk:

Objects in photo are larger than they appear:


I miss ant and czukie something fierce. Charleston was just a tease. When I heard unk was going to be out of town, I gave it my best shot to convince ant to fly out here for the weekend. I pulled out all the stops, going so far as to tell her that I have a milkman who can deliver coffee syrup. And yet, ant remained unswayed. Sigh.
Providence is lovely in the spring, ladies. Please visit.


All hail Matt. Seriously. We've all had a fair bit of fun going on about our new CEO. But I'm guessing most of you who were not at the Convention haven't had the chance to meet Matt. And thank him. And that's a shame. Because Matt is our programmer...the go-to guy for every hairy problem that comes up with the site. When it crashes, when forum posts disappear, when your bookshelf starts doing the horizontal mambo, it's Matt who gets the desperate emails and who gets to work on the problem immediately. And no matter how messy the problem (or how late the hour) he is always, always pleasant about it. So it came as no surprise to those of us who met him in Charleston that he is a total sweetheart. We got to hug him in person, now here's your chance to deliver some sugar. Line up to the right please, no pushing, no shoving, and meet Matt. And later on I'll invite him over here to feel the love:

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*Oh, and for those of you with your minds in the gutter (that would be most of my friends list) Matt is a happily married man.

Gacking from Spedbug this time.

I'm having too much fun seeing everyone else's photos, so I'm grabbing a couple more to post here, this time from Speddie's collection.

New CEO Scott, Saturday morning presentation. I had just recovered from the Sped and MrBug induced "stinky whores" incident when Scott took the podium. Check out Sped's caption. I don't know what sort of slut would make comments about a man's hair when clearly she should be concentrating on the slide presentation. Really, I just don't know. Sped brings out the worst in me:

Moments after Sped "introduced" herself to Mrfsr. Said introduction consisted of a hug of nearly Hobbes tackling Calvin intensity followed by a huge smooch and "I'm Amy!" The first thing Mrfsr said to me when we left the event? "Why didn't you warn me how gorgeous Amy is???"

Moments after I arrived at the Convention, surrounded by some of my favorite women. I hadn't eaten all day and had arrived too late to eat dinner before the reception (oh good, drinks on an empty stomach). Margie/antof9 proceeded to feed me off her plate. I mean literally. With a fork. I didn't lift a finger, but by the time we left, I think I had half her steak. Sped and E-F teased me about the royal treatment I was receiving, but I told them I never feed myself. Back home, I have people who do that for me. ;) Oh and time, make airplane noises when you fly the fork over to me, would ya?

New photos, now 30% more perverse.

All hail MadameU, she certainly has a distinctive eye. I have no idea what Speddie was up to in this photo, but I wouldn't put anything past her. MrBug may be building a dream on this image:

And this is like one of those bad sorority chick soft porn know, the ones where guys fool themselves into thinking we spend all our time comparing breast sizes? I promise you this isn't what was happening here. But even so, Greedyreader (in pink) you win (but only because antof9 is being so demure).

I like this one best for the caption. Yes, MadameU, I really wish we were:

Best part of this photo is what happened moments before. I wanted to get E-F's attention, so I started lightly scratching her back, just between her shoulders. FoolMan's arm was around her chair at the time and both FoolMan and I realized that she thought my hand was his. She was really relaxing into it (you know, like you do). I'm pretty sure I could have gotten lucky if Dan and my snerking hadn't given it away. You should have seen E-F's expression when she realized. She'd have taken me home, I just know it. ;:

More swiped photos!

Here's the one I've been waiting for...the whole gang of us on the roof, Sunday night. It was taken by a very nice young man who was plied with alcohol by MartiP and with books by bookczuk. I expect he's joined BC by now...if he remembers any of Sunday night, that is:

And the hardy gang who was up early enough to get to Mass on Sunday. What I love most about this photo? Spedbug is holding her Cody's Release, "Grace Under Fire" which she held onto until the Convention so that she could release it while we were together. She left it in front of the Cathedral and it was gone by the time we came out: