fsr44 (fsr44) wrote,

New photos, now 30% more perverse.

All hail MadameU, she certainly has a distinctive eye. I have no idea what Speddie was up to in this photo, but I wouldn't put anything past her. MrBug may be building a dream on this image:


And this is like one of those bad sorority chick soft porn flicks...you know, the ones where guys fool themselves into thinking we spend all our time comparing breast sizes? I promise you this isn't what was happening here. But even so, Greedyreader (in pink) you win (but only because antof9 is being so demure).


I like this one best for the caption. Yes, MadameU, I really wish we were:

Best part of this photo is what happened moments before. I wanted to get E-F's attention, so I started lightly scratching her back, just between her shoulders. FoolMan's arm was around her chair at the time and both FoolMan and I realized that she thought my hand was his. She was really relaxing into it (you know, like you do). I'm pretty sure I could have gotten lucky if Dan and my snerking hadn't given it away. You should have seen E-F's expression when she realized. She'd have taken me home, I just know it. ;:


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