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My night with The Police (with lotsa links for diehard fans).

I'm pleased to say that those hideously expensive tix were worth every penny. In fact, the minute he saw our seats, long before the concert began, MrFsr made that same observation. Of course, that may be because he realized a different lifelong dream, as this will be the closest he comes to playing center field in Fenway Park.

Me at our seats:

Mrfsr and the view Johnny Damon had while at work:

And for those of you who are already tired of cameraphone imagery, the only decent pro shot of the night:

How close were we? Well, you know when the camera operator pans the crowd for shots for the big screens? Close enough that that was us up there. ;)

The concert was AWESOME! In my opinion, the group is in much better form than they were when they broke up in '84. They played all their hits, for a solid two hours. No backup singers, no backup musicians, just the three of them. They mixed up their presentation, rather than just reciting the songs as originally recorded, they messed around with the tempos, the beats and the extended jams on most numbers were hot. Sting missed the high note "oh can't you SEE" on "Every Breath You Take" so completely that he was inaudible (well, maybe dogs heard him) but that was really the only gaffe. For all my girlfriends out there who are diehard Sting fans (and you are legion), I can report that at 55 he's still almost unbearably hot. With arms so ripped they'd be the envy of most twenty-somethings. And all the yoga has paid off because boy can the man move his hips. OK, it's getting warm in here, so back to the subject at hand...

We tried recording some video on Mrfsr's cellphone. The reproduction is, as you can imagine, awful. But for those of you who'd like a taste, here are two clips.

Hang in there til 3/4s of the way through this one and you'll see "that annoying girl who just has to sing along at a concert". That would be me. But I assure you (and the audio will prove) that I sang very softly so as not to irritate the folks around me. Oh, and I did dance for two solid hours:

And for BillSmith, who has nothing but Da Doo Doo Doo to say to me:

I've got a number of these clips, but trust me, the audio doesn't get any better, more's the pity. I was sorely tempted to call some friends from the concert and leave some music on their voicemail, so if you're one of my buddies, just be glad this level of fidelity isn't clogging up your voicemail.

The reviewers largely agreed with me, so if you just haven't read enough, here are the reviews from the Boston Globe, Boston Herald and Providence Journal.
Ladies, please note the photo of Sting in the second link. Who says I don't take care of my girls? ;)




Back in February, you were all so understanding and hardly aghast at all regarding my offer to do illegal and immoral things in order to secure these tickets. This really was a once in a lifetime night for me, and well worth the hassle and expense. Back in '83, tix to their concert here might have gone for $35, but it might as well have been $35,000. I was so broke back then that, despite being a huge fan, I don't think I could even afford the $10 to buy one of their albums until Synchronicity came out. With so much that sucks about getting older, the one thing that's pretty cool is being able to afford the kind of treats which were so out of reach back when Frankie Said Relax.

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