April 26th, 2007



All hail Matt. Seriously. We've all had a fair bit of fun going on about our new CEO. But I'm guessing most of you who were not at the Convention haven't had the chance to meet Matt. And thank him. And that's a shame. Because Matt is our programmer...the go-to guy for every hairy problem that comes up with the site. When it crashes, when forum posts disappear, when your bookshelf starts doing the horizontal mambo, it's Matt who gets the desperate emails and who gets to work on the problem immediately. And no matter how messy the problem (or how late the hour) he is always, always pleasant about it. So it came as no surprise to those of us who met him in Charleston that he is a total sweetheart. We got to hug him in person, now here's your chance to deliver some sugar. Line up to the right please, no pushing, no shoving, and meet Matt. And later on I'll invite him over here to feel the love:

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*Oh, and for those of you with your minds in the gutter (that would be most of my friends list) Matt is a happily married man.