fsr44 (fsr44) wrote,

Greetings from Charleston!

Three hours is more than enough sleep for anybody, right? Caught an early flight on a day so clear that I had stunning views of Long Island (including the campus of my alma mater) and Manhatten and the Statue of Liberty. My dorm was in the flight path to JFK, and during some particularly troubling times way back when, I can remember watching some of those planes go by and wishing I was on my way to somewhere, anywhere else. Nice to be 15,000 ft., 24 years and worlds away from those days.

Everyone here has been so friendly, it's enough to make a New Englander nervous. My hotel is gorgeous and my only complaint is that while it's 72, it's also "partly cloudy". I'd counted on acquiring some tan lines, but I'd have to get lucky. I'm headed up to the pool now to bask in the cloud cover for an hour or so and, God willing, catch a brief nap so I don't frighten everyone at the reception tonight. Amy and Margie have been keeping me posted as people arrive and if rumors are to be believed, our new CEO is a pretty cool guy.

I'll give you a full report after the reception. For all my friends who are reading this at home, know that you're here in spirit and very much in mind.


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