fsr44 (fsr44) wrote,

Saturday morning, Charleston

It's a beautiful sunny day and I can't tell you how absolutely gorgeous this city is. Think of your fantasy of the perfect antebellum Southern city and you have it in spades. After being up too late, I was up at the crack this morning to head over to the Welcome session and our new CEO's presentation.

I'll leave it to others to recount the presentation (suffice to say that lots of cool stuff is coming down the pike and we all think Scott is a rock star). But I will say that I learned a very important lesson. If you want to conduct yourself like an adult, do not sit between Spedbug and MrBug. During the "welcome to Charleston" talk, a local columnist said, "Charleston is characterized by its smells. There are are many characteristic smells. Like...horse."
At this point, MrBug and Sped lean across me and both say "WHAT did she say?"
I whisper, "Horse."
MrBug, "I thought she said Whores."
Spedbug, "Stinky whores."
The photo below is me collapsing into giggles while Sped tries to look like the brownnose in class. You can't see MrBug on the other side of me, enduring a similar "laughing in church" moment:


But to prove I can behave, these are from the end of the session and with me are sped and Mrfsr who caught the last ten minutes. Antof9 is like papparazzi...you never know when she'll catch you or how stupid you'll look:



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