Grabbing some photos from Madame U

At Friday night's cocktail party with MrBug and Emperor-Fool:

With czuk (shown actual size):

antof9 is going to hell for this caption. And also because she didn't recognize the Beatles tune "Revolution":

And I actually have a great photo of the czuk family, but it's on the laptop and I'm on the PC, so it will have to wait til tomorrow.

End of the Convention.

Hey, dig's 10:15 and I'm back in my room. This is the first night I've been in at a decent hour, which can only mean that the Convention is over. Actually, my experience has been tame. When I saw Spedbug at Mass this morning, she told me she was up til 6:30 and I know she had a lot of company.

Bookczuk and Mrczuk sing with the choir at the Cathedral of St.John the Baptist, and because czukie knows I sing with a choir, she cleared it with her choir director for me to "sit in" with the choir at 11:15 Mass. Up in the loft:

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It was a pure joy. Not only do they have a wonderful choir with a terrific director, but they're accompanied by organ, keyboards, french horns, trumpets and percussion. Everyone was welcoming and I have an invitation to sit in again next time I'm in town and I fully intend to take advantage of the opportunity. Best of all, I got to sit with the altos, which was a nice break.

Back at the hotel, I got to meet KFinGeorgia's two beautiful greyhounds, Sam and Jacie. Jacie and I bonded, as she was licking my chin and nuzzling me, big time. I'd take her home, but I suspect Claude would spend most of his days running for his life:

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In the afternoon, we walked around town a little and I bought a little summer dress from Tommy Bahama (now if the RI weather will just give me an opportunity to wear it). We bumped into resqgeek, shadie and buffra on the street and we all went to lunch together before heading back to the hotel for the last session.
After a brief Support meeting, it was back to my hotel for drinks on the roof. Here's Spedbug saying goodbye. I think I'm giving new meaning to the words "Squash you like a bug..."

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Last call for the coven, bookczuk, fsr, antof9:

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And yes, rumors are true. Our new CEO, Scott is sort of a hottie. And comes complete with beautiful, charming wife (sorry girls) but I offer this as proof. And of course, what photo would be complete without Pete/Skyring, who I think holds the record for hugging BC women on the greatest number of continents:

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That's it for now. The Convention was a total success and Bookczuk, Kiptrix, Brownwhitetan and the Carolina BCers are to be congratulated for showing all of us such awesome Southern hospitality.

Convention, Trivia Night

It's late (do you see a trend here?) but I thought I'd upload some photos from tonight's uproarious trivia night. BC Support formed a team named "Oh Bother" (in reference to the "Oh Bother" warning screen which appears when the BC website goes down). Thanks to BountifulPots, that vexing screen adorns the T-shirts we're wearing in the photos. We came in second and a good time was had by all.

Your Support Team, not at work. If the site went down tonight...well. Pictured: Beth, Nancy, Margie, Robin, Me, Amy and Pete (missing from photo, Dave).

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Margie and I and the cool earrings E-F (Janet) made me:

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Last place in points but first in goofiness, E-f, Foolman, Shadie, Spedbug, MrBug:

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Of course, there were no laughs at our table. Margie, Mrfsr and Amy:

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Team Oh Bother when the night was young and hopes were high:

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And now, I've got to go to bed!

Saturday Afternoon, Charleston

Those of you who have read the first chapter of my novel, "Til Tuesday" may remember the character of Eleanor (the protagonist's best friend and roommate). Eleanor's name is a fond tribute to a dear friend. My friend Elena was a ready source of love, compassion, humor and common sense when we attended college together. We lost touch for awhile but have been in phone/mail/email contact for the last few years. But we haven't seen each other in person since 1986. Elena lives outside of Charlotte, NC now and when she heard I was coming to Charleston, she drove 3 1/4 hours to have lunch with me. Take my word for it when I tell you that she hasn't changed a bit in 20 years. She's still the same lovely person she always was, only more so. And we picked up right where we left off, as though we'd last met on Tuesday. We had a great lunch in a courtyard restaurant, strolled the Market and the historic district and sat by the harbor watching the sailboats and catching up on a lot of history.

Meet Elena:

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And in an excess of good fortune, I'll see all of my BC friends tonight for Trivia Night. Where they'll discover what a horrendously competitive person I am. ;)

Saturday morning, Charleston

It's a beautiful sunny day and I can't tell you how absolutely gorgeous this city is. Think of your fantasy of the perfect antebellum Southern city and you have it in spades. After being up too late, I was up at the crack this morning to head over to the Welcome session and our new CEO's presentation.

I'll leave it to others to recount the presentation (suffice to say that lots of cool stuff is coming down the pike and we all think Scott is a rock star). But I will say that I learned a very important lesson. If you want to conduct yourself like an adult, do not sit between Spedbug and MrBug. During the "welcome to Charleston" talk, a local columnist said, "Charleston is characterized by its smells. There are are many characteristic smells."
At this point, MrBug and Sped lean across me and both say "WHAT did she say?"
I whisper, "Horse."
MrBug, "I thought she said Whores."
Spedbug, "Stinky whores."
The photo below is me collapsing into giggles while Sped tries to look like the brownnose in class. You can't see MrBug on the other side of me, enduring a similar "laughing in church" moment:

But to prove I can behave, these are from the end of the session and with me are sped and Mrfsr who caught the last ten minutes. Antof9 is like never know when she'll catch you or how stupid you'll look:

Friday night reception.

The coven...antof9, bookczuk, fsr44. Please note that Margie and I had to lean way over or little Amy would have been cut out of the shot entirely.

A whole gang of us before the reception...will try to actually identify people tomorrow when I'm not so tired and bleary eyed:

Wren, you should be pleased. Heather (one of the BC founders) won something you donated:

Ant, MrBug, Inkognitoh:

It's 1AM and I'm beat. More later.

Greetings from Charleston!

Three hours is more than enough sleep for anybody, right? Caught an early flight on a day so clear that I had stunning views of Long Island (including the campus of my alma mater) and Manhatten and the Statue of Liberty. My dorm was in the flight path to JFK, and during some particularly troubling times way back when, I can remember watching some of those planes go by and wishing I was on my way to somewhere, anywhere else. Nice to be 15,000 ft., 24 years and worlds away from those days.

Everyone here has been so friendly, it's enough to make a New Englander nervous. My hotel is gorgeous and my only complaint is that while it's 72, it's also "partly cloudy". I'd counted on acquiring some tan lines, but I'd have to get lucky. I'm headed up to the pool now to bask in the cloud cover for an hour or so and, God willing, catch a brief nap so I don't frighten everyone at the reception tonight. Amy and Margie have been keeping me posted as people arrive and if rumors are to be believed, our new CEO is a pretty cool guy.

I'll give you a full report after the reception. For all my friends who are reading this at home, know that you're here in spirit and very much in mind.


Sad news from Charleston.

I've posted this on BC, but in case you haven't gotten over there, bookczuk reports that Sirroy's Mam passed away. He'll be getting on a plane back to the UK Friday at noon. Please keep him in your thoughts.

Attempted gacking.

I'll confess, I'm so techno-impaired that I thought gacking was what happens if you stick your toothbrush too far back in your throat. But I'm told it has something to do with swiping a photo off the net. And so, I'll attempt that here. Hold on and let's hope nobody gets hurt.

Want to know why I'm going to Charleston? What has me the most excited about Friday? The answer is below:

Margie and Amy. Can't wait to see them both again. I am sort of worried, though, that the three of us together in one timezone constitutes a coven, the awesome power of which may change the universe as we know it. If it starts raining frogs in your neighborhood, don't say I didn't warn you.

Oh, and those of you who dare oppose us at Saturday's Trivia Night? Tremble.